Jean Gauger/Artist/Instructor

SugarPlum Originals

by J Gauger





I started teaching 11 years ago and have been traveling the world sharing this wonderful medium. I have taught many students the art of nuno felting and we always have a fun time along the way!

I create unique art-to-wear nuno felt pieces as well as home decor, journals, handbags and framed art. Originally a knitter, I  discovered wet and nuno felting and has been hooked ever since! I teach and share throughout the United States, Australia and Canada. My work was on exhibit at the Kent State University Museum in an exhibit entitled Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion. I also have had articles and tutorials in the Australian fiber magazines Textile Fibre Forum and Felt along being in the books 500 Felt Objects and the Australian book the Taste of Textiles.I have been recently been an Honoree recipient at the TAA Fashion Show in Cleveland Ohio.